VIP Exclusively Bling Membership

Your going to LOVE the benefits of being a VIP Exclusive Member! Membership definitely has it's privileges!


  • FREE jewelry every month
  • FREE Shipping
  • Earn FREE jewelry just by maintaining your membership
  • Special Referral Program to Earn even More FREE jewelry


How It Works

  • Pay $14.95 a month for The VIP Exclusive Membership 
  • Earn 5 credits every month. (The credits act like currency)
  • 4 credits is for the membership 
  • 1 bonus credit for creating account and purchasing membership.
  • 1 bonus credit for every month following, when you maintain your membership.
  • Every item in the store is worth 4 credits.
  • Use your 4 credits to select an item from the store. 
  • Use those 4 credits as payment and order your jewelry.
  • Accumulate your BONUS credits to earn more FREE jewelry on us.
  • Refer members and receive 1 Bonus Credit every time!

You can choose to stop at anytime. You will not pay shipping or pay for any of the jewelry you select. You simply pay your membership fee and that is it! 

We know how exciting getting your new piece of jewelry feels so we wanted to make a way for you to feel that way every month! 

I'm sure you have heard of the mystery boxes where you sign up for a membership and get a mystery gift, but we wanted to take the mystery out of it and let YOU select exactly what YOU want! With our wide array of selection on everything in the store and more being added all the time, you will never run out of options!


How To Get Started  

  • Simply fill in the information to set up your account by selecting Create Account at the bottom of this page. 
  • Purchase your Membership.
  • You will then receive your 5 Free Credits and will be redirected to VIP Member area.
  • Select the item you wish for that month. (Every item in the store is worth 4 credits)
  • Use your 4 Credits as form of payment.
  • Click on Purchase with Credits
  • Then allow 2-4 weeks for delivery and enjoy your beautiful bling! 
  • Don't forget to log in again the next month under Member Login and select another piece of jewelry to be shipped to you again!

Isn't that exciting! Now you can have the perfect jewelry every month!

 How To Earn More FREE Jewelry  

At Exclusively Bling we believe in rewarding you for your Loyalty. We realize there are many places you can go so we want to give you something back in return as a personal thank you from us.

  • With every month you maintain your membership you will receive 1 FREE credit which will earn you one FREE piece of Jewelry every 4 months on top of the amazing jewelry you are already selecting with your membership!

Another way we want to thank you is by offering our members a special referral program. Referrals and word of mouth is the life blood of our business and without you it would be difficult to keep on growing. So we think that should also be rewarded, don't you? So did we!

  • With every referral that purchases a membership you will receive 1 FREE Credit, Once you have 4 credits you are able to get another piece of Jewelry FREE on us! 
  • You can combine points from the referal program and with the points from maintaing your membership. 
  • You will get a special referral code inside your members area, so when someone registers for the membership, just have them use that code so we can reward you with that FREE credit.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently our VIP Exclusively Bling Membership is available worldwide, but if you live outside of the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, France, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Ukraine then shipping times may be longer then 30 days.  

We wanted to personally thank you for your business, We hope you get great value out of our membership and Bling on my friends! 

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